5 Minute Morning Affirmations for High-Performance Outcomes

Are you struggling to keep your performance levels up? Self-affirmations are an incredible way to begin your day in a positive and mindful manner for a High-Performance outcome. The beliefs you have about yourself are the most important to keep top of mind, and deliberately reassuring yourself of your ultimate purpose for the day can work like magic for having a positive, meaningful day.

Self-affirmations are the statements that we store within our subconscious, told to ourselves, from ourselves, in order to spark self-change. They are designed to alter our beliefs about ourselves so that they are more positive.

You might be thinking about the cliche protagonist of a movie reaffirming their confidence or prowess in the mirror before a night out. While this image is comical in satire, the evidence behind self-affirmations is undeniable. One study shows that after 4-weeks of repeated self-affirmation activity, participants experienced an increase in their mental well-being.


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