A Model of Care for Those Who Care Most

The Institute for Deliberate Practice was founded to ensure those who care for others are energized and empowered to also care for themselves and the people who live and work with them.  It’s common for healthcare professionals, public servants, and mission-driven leaders to find themselves caring for and serving the needs of others, all while neglecting their own needs and the team members they count on to have their back every day.

What if you could be more deliberate - not just going through the motions - but showing up more consciously and intentionally choosing what's best for you?  

Clinical competency in healthcare has significantly been improved through deliberate practice in medical simulation, ultimately improving both technical confidence and patient outcomes.  The journey to fulfillment and sustainable excellence in life and work requires more than clinical or technical requires heart. 

The Institute for Deliberate Practice invites you to implement the principles of deliberate practice to wake up and own your energetic impact as you push yourself out of your comfort zone working to improve skills like building trusting relationships, courage, resilience, hope, and compassion with the benefit of support and feedback from an experienced coach.  The secret is not just working harder or more hours.

DeliberateCARE is a 4-phase relationship model and a self-care model since the relationship with ourself is the most critical relationship we have.

It is also a personal and professional growth and leadership success model, reinforcing that relationships are the bridges needed to get anywhere and everywhere in life and work.

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